Gorkha Land Security Solutions
Various solutions that you can expect from us
Security Staffs Solution
Experienced and professional Security personnels who are excellent in their field of work regarding regulating security protocols and safeguarding assets.
Surveillance Tools
We supply and setup Surveillance tools like CCTV Cameras, Thermal Cameras, Night Vision Cameras and threat detection cameras that increases peripheral and indoor security.
Monitoring Servers
All those surveillance footage and tracking should be managed through proper monitoring system which is not only required to analyze possible circumstances but also operate efficiently all the time through different medias.
Event Security Handling
We also provide security solutions for specific functions or events that involves a lot of people, visitors, members and staffs interacting with each other. Different monitoring solutions and rigid security personnel are deployed for such events.
Threat Detection Tools
We provide and setup advanced tools that are used to identify and prevent potential¬† threats to an organization’s networks, systems, properties and data. These tools can include intrusion detection systems (IDS), Security Gates, Arms Detector,¬† firewalls etc.
Transit Security
Whether its about safeguarding your valuables or delivering Cash in Transit (CIT), our transit security solution secures all your problems regarding protected delivery, secure transportation, anti-theft mechanism for your invaluable goods etc.